Year 5

Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Guide Year 5 Autumn 2 (2015)

Curriculum Guide Year 5 Autumn 1 (2015)

Parents in our Class!

We invited the children’s parents to the Meerkats class to look at work we have completed throughout the year and our future projects!

Power of Reading – Wolf Brother

Children role playing the hidden people trying to find the Nanuak

Wolf Brother Contemporary Dance

The children linked the power of reading book Wolf Brother to P.E. They created contemporary dance pieces to three different pieces of music

Team building

Jo Birch came into our school to work with six classes with a focus on team building and communication. The children participated in lots of different activities to achieve a simple goal. We look forward to working with Jo again in the future.

Zebra Class Rules

Below are comic strips made using Comic Life on the Ipads and were made to promote the class rules.
Be Sensible Rule
Curtis and Jay Be Helpful Rules
Ellie and Wade Be Helpful Rules
Ellie and JP Rules

Settlements Popplet

Mind map made using the Popplet app on the Ipad at the beginning of a topic on settlements.

Settlement Popplet

Balloon Friction Experiment

We conducted an experiment to test which material would have the least friction. We thought about a question to answer, predicted what would happen and measured how far each balloon went, recorded and analysed our results.

Science – Investigating forces

We made predictions then wrote down our observations

Composite numbers, Factors and Multiples

Asking our quiz questions based on prime and composite numbers, factors and multiples

Anglo Saxon Houses

We have been creating Anglo Saxon houses in class as part of our History project

Zebra & Meerkats – Scratch Programming

Both classes opened their adjoining doors to complete a project using Scratch app on our ipads. The children made their own racing car game by writing blocks of code. They even had timers and scores too!

Beowulf – Classic Poems

Meerkats wrote their own classic poems based on Beowulf, this was linked to the IPC topic of Anglo Saxons.

Kirkby High School – P.E.

As part of our ongoing transition with KHS, P.E. Teacher Mr. Harvey came into school and taught Meerkats class handball for six weeks.


In Literacy the children in Meerkats class created their own board game. The children then wrote instructions on how to play and tested them out on Year 2 children.


Meerkats class worked on data handling and produced a set of graphs and charts based on information given to them by each class on what shops they would like to see in Kirkby Town Centre.


Through STEMs we had the opportunity to work with an engineer to develop our knowledge and understanding of structures. The children looked at a range of structures and created their own structure using a variety of materials.


As part of our ongoing links with Industry Vauxhall motors came into school to deliver a programme about what they do in their plant in Ellesmere Port. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and understood how to work as part of a team.